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We are now able to allow our members to exercise again. To do so, it is required to book a training area in advance.

In case you want to exercise, please consider the following:
– for a valid booking your first and last name as well as your email-address is required
– you can only book 4 dates
– you can only book one week in advance
– after submitting your booking you will be forwarded to the main page and a confirmation email will be sent to you automatically

To cancel a booking you have to use the “Cancel booking” button above. As we have to delete the bookings manually please avoid booking times you are not sure if you can be there.

In case you are unable to attend the training at your booked date and time, please send us a short message by using the form below. Please enter your first and last name and your email-address and name your booked times and dates.

Please be informed that you won’t receive any cancellation confirmation.